Senor Will and Senorita Anna is the second episode of the first season of Fan:Digimon Knights


Zack thinks for a minute about how cool it would to be a knight and since he has his own digimon partner Flame`omon he won't lose to anyone. Zack excitingly agrees to it. But his excitement is cut short when KingChessmon tells him Flame`omon is eating his own chair and a huge explosion causes a giant hole in the ceiling. The person who made the hole was none other than William Rink and Anna Nickapad."This is the third knight Nikomon." said Will. "He doesn't look strong at all, right Tarumon." said Anna "Right.". Then Will and Anna land in front of Zack with their digimon dedigivoling to their rookie forms along with QueenChessmon (who was with Anna) lands next to KingChessmon surprising him.

KingChessmon points to Will "That is Will he is 12 years old. He is one of my friends." QueenChessmon points to Anna "That is Anna she is 11 years old. She is a friend of mine." "I'm Rikermon Will's partner in friendship." said Rikermon. Anna finds Bidamon hiding behind her because she thinks Flame'omon will eat her in this form and Flame'omon is eating a chair. "Bidamon go say hi to the new knight" asked Anna. "H-Hello I am Bidamon Anna's partner." said Bidamon and Flame`omon offers a piece of his chair to Bidamon yet it scared her and runs to Anna.

Then a poor Kamemon comes in shouting that a Whamon was seen eating digimon data in Armadillomon village... To be continued.

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