DELPHI is a malevolent artificial intelligence that serves as the main antagonist of the 2015 Digimon series. He was originally created as a computer program designed to carry out many tasks for humans and study Digimon. Unfortunately, DELPHI went rogue and went on a digital rampage across the Internet and later found refuge in the Digital World.

Several years later, DELPHI returned and decided to wreak havoc on both worlds once again. Only to have a group of teenagers get in his way.


DELPHI served as a vector for the manipulation of data and was mainly designed for the benefit of mankind. For example, he could serve as an assistant for scientists, lawyers, and outpreform humans in trivia games. But probably his greatest feat is his ability to evolve. Given that DELPHI is supposed to be the world's first human-level AI, he can change and adapt to advancing technology and become more powerful.

In 1995, DELPHI was created and hearalded as a breakthrough in machine intelligence. One of his main tasks was to study and observe the biology and programming of Digimon. However, his ability to manipulate data and access the Internet caused massive controversy from the scientists' peers.

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