DV7 is the used Digivice of choice in Digimon Ultimate


The DV7 was originally made by a canadian scientist after he obtained the original Digivice model(s) blue prints from the parents of Keenan Crier via email.


The name DV7 is short for Digivice Version 7.0, originally a version 6 until Orchid Team won the first CDFC and added the card swiper feature, the Features consist of: the ability to obtain cards via email, a titanum case with plastic plated grips, the ability to obtain cards trough scanning the purchased product code at a shop, the ability to communicate with your leader Digimon, the ability to contain multiple Digimon, a LCD screen(As suggested by children who tested the model in beta), and a card swiper(Added by Orchid team after winning the first CDFC).

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