Level Ultimate
Type Invader
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Prior forms Nanimon
Next forms TBA

From the massive beatings it recieved from Nagadramon as a Nanimon, Dadimon has mutated to take on some of the appearence of Nagadramon for a more demonic appearence compared to the other Strange Ones. In fact, it is no longer considered a Strange One as Dadimon, having become more of the savage kind of Digimon similar to Nagadramon.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

It is a Dark species Digimon and specializes in Attack and Speed, with similar stat growth to Nagadramon. It digivolves from Nanimon at Level 30 with Nagadramon marked as obtained and into a to be revealed Mega stage at Level 60 with 10,000 Dark Exp.

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