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Daedalumon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter, and is the Mega and final form in Gremlinmon's digivolution line.

Daedalumon is a Machine Knight Digimon who resemblesLudditemon, though he bears a helmet, a gauntlet-mounted repeater crossbow named "Iapyx", and a winged-rocket pack by the name of "Icarus". Daedalumon is reserved and quiet, always thinking of new inventions and strategies for the better of all even in the face of battle. Though he would prefer to reason with others than fight, he will act when his companions and partner are in great danger or if the cause is just.


  • Steel Arrow: Fires a stream of iron-tipped arrows at the enemy from his gauntlet-mounted crossbow or can fire a single arrow from a far distance, increasing the damage inflicted to his target.
  • Automaton Assembly Line: Using any metal parts he can salvage from the battlefield, Daedalumon can assemble fully-functioning Guardromon-like automatons ready for combat.
  • Gagdet Thruster: Powering his rocket pack to full strength to instantly slams into the enemy with his fist smashing in first.


  • Daedalumon Burst Mode

Daedalumon Burst Mode

Daedalumon Burst Mode is the alternate mode of Daedalumon.

Daedalumon can temporarily digivolve into this form through Burst Evolution, in which his power and abilities have reached their limit. His rocket-pack is now replaced by a pair of blue-aura wings and bears a large high-tech glaive as his weapon.


  • Break Iron Executioner: Strikes his enemies with his spear which unleashes a burst of blue energy upon impact.
  • Break Iron Falcon: Soars into the air then dives head-first at the enemy with his spear extended outward.


  • Daedalus is the famed Athenian inventor and architect in Greek mythology, famed for constructing the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Iapyx and Icarus were his two sons.

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