Level Mega
Type Ancient Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Dasquilamon

Daffmon is a Ancient Dragon Man Dragon Digimon whose name comes from Daff, which means Fool. It is said about it, that is half dragon and half angel. She is a very rarely occurring Digimon. Some say that it is waiting to see Daffmon for life. Daffmon itself is the embodiment of mother nature. It's a shaman. There are rumors about its, its is close to Sakuyamon that, however, about the still mysterious silent. If you ever see the fight Daffmon have heard that it is a really serious fight. Because it mixes the blood of the dragon and the angel, it is a very worthy creature, but when it comes, it becomes a fierce dragon. It is said to befall you like revenge of Mother Nature, so you gather up their attacks Daffymon.


  • Červencový vánek:

Means "July Breeze". Its club cause slight breeze, which gradually turns to the typhoon. Many opponents have underestimated the attack, when they thought it was just something its beginning.

  • :Zpívající hvězdný drak

Means "Singing Star Dragon". Cane in the air pentangram paint, yet its begins to sing a mysterious melody. Subsequently, as if the stars were going to descend on earth from them form a huge dragon. Its crushed everyone and everything around me.

  • Confine ivy: Stamps Its feet and hits the ground ivy, which quickly begins to wrap the enemy.