Level Champion
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Daffymon
Next forms Dasquilamon

Daffylamon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name comes from daffy, which means "crazy" and French la "the/that". Its character is much steeper than that of Daffymon. This Digimon loves fighting. To protect him something of value does not hesitate to jump headlong into the battle in which they had no chance of winning. But doing it just for the pure joy of battle. He fights to protect, what is most precious to him also for its honor. Many think of him, that a higher level than it actually is. The "helmet" and protectors of him doing a very dangerous and powerful opponent. Although a downright aggressive in nature, others think such a Digimon. He can move very quickly. He hates injustice. Its motto is "Justice and fight."


Léčebný roh and Neviditelné křídlo as Daffymon.

  • : Plamen ohnivého Fénixe"

Means "Flame of Fire Phoenix". Somewhere evoked a huge Phoenix bird with the incredible power of the enemy attacks, which felt tremendous heat that it burns. Like Daffymon able and control its Trojocas, and there can control the direction and the target to be hit with the greatest accuracy.

  • Ledový vějíř:

Means "Ice Fan". The three tails in a stretched position fan, on which ice crystals form slowly. It seems that they have their own will. When you take a certain shape, is a signal that you are going to attack, but knowing about it is useless. They you will find yourself without someone driving. Ice Rays just will not let you be. This technique is quite insidious, because after calling her to do what he wants. The worst thing is that it may act in combination with another. Opponent just dodged a fiery phoenix flame and suddenly attacked him on ice fan of whom thought he failed, but just waiting for it to get the enemy.

  • Vrták ledu:

Means "Drill of ice.

Tails turns into a drill, but to attack him on the opponent. Instead, he runs into all the strength of the country. The earth shakes and it set off a sharp swords similar to ice formations. Can you take one of the swords and fight, so using him. If you hit, you immediately experience a wave of icy feeling of terror, as you slowly but surely absorbing.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Anton-Dragonpride
Created specially for me