Level Rookie
Type Driller
Prior forms Tsunomon
Next forms Dorulumon
Partners Yamato "Matt" Ishida

Dalumon is a wolf like digimon with drills for claws and has patches of orange fur. Dalumon also has a vent on his chest so the drills and himself don't overheat. Dalumon is the alternate form of Gabumon. Tsunomon digivolved into Dalumon due to Matt using Tai's digivice. At the same time Tsunomon digivolved, Koromon also digivolved into a different digimon, Egoomon Agumon's alternate form. These alternate digivolutions were caused by the two friends mixing up their digivices. Dalumon's name comes from Drill and Gabumon


Drilling Slash Dalumon's drill claws start to spin at rapid speeds and slashes the enemy

Evolution Sequence

Punimon => Tsunomon => Dalumon => Dorulumon => ?