AxeKnightmon t
Voice actor(s):Jūrōta Kosugi
OccupationLeader of Dark Flare

DarkKnightmon is a character in the Stitch and Digimon anime series. He is a mysterious black knight. Although he was originally the lead Digimon of Dark Flare, who he had actually blackmailed into service in his quest for the Darkness Loader. As soon as he obtains the Darkness Loader, he dissolved Dark Flare, and eventually joins forces with his older brother, Bagramon, and his stepbrothers, Apocalymon, and Guardiamon, and his partner, Leroy. However, when Bagramon finally lets his guard down, DarkKnightmon betrays him and finally reveals his goal is to steal his brother's power.


DarkKnightmon is a DigiXros of SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon, who have exchanged cups of brotherhood. Although his skills, including the ability to use the "Twin Spear" he wields to thrust, slash, sweep, or throw as the situation calls for, are very advanced, he will use any means to achieve his goals, and sometimes he will even be willing to betray his own comrades. He is an opponent that you don't want to turn into an enemy, if you can help it.[1]


  • Twin Spear
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Undead Soldier

Other forms

DarkKnightmon is actually a DigiXros of SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon, two sworn brothers that can combine into a variety of forms.


SkullKnightmon t

SkullKnightmon is an unscrupulous Digimon who is the core persona of DarkKnightmon.


  • Spear Needle
  • Breast-eye Wink


DeadlyAxemon is SkullKnightmon's sworn brother, an incredibly strong Digimon that can DigiXros with SkullKnightmon or other Digimon to create a multitude of powerful forms.


  • Air Slicer: Runs between the opponents at the speed of light, who aren't even able to realize it before they're cut down.
  • Aqua Rage: Spews a powerful solution that dissolves everything.
  • Aqua Regia: Liquefies himself using Aqua Rage and swallows up all of his surroundings.


DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Duskmon)

DarkKnightmon Darkness Mode (Dark End)

When Dark End grow very much larger, DarkKnightmon makes his move and literally stabs him in the back before Leroy using the Darkness Loader to absorb Dark End and obtain his power.


  • Twin Spear: Stabs with its Twin Spear.
  • Death Claw: Uses its right arm to delete all that it touches.
  • Curse of Darkness: Uses a Darkness Loader-style mouth on its right palm to unleashed the burst of dark energy, which take the shape of a indigo-bluish demonic reptilian dragon's face made of flames and electric energy to turn the enemies to muteness, blindness, and deafness.
  • Drill Spear: Drills with its Twin Spear.
  • Star of Darkness: Gathers a solar energy into an ever-expanding dark star that incinerates all that it touches.

DigiXros Forms

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