Level Armor
Type Unholy Knight
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Metal Empire
Prior forms DarkVeemon

DarkMagnamon is a fan-made Digimon. DarkMagnamon is a corrupted royal knight who was created by Myotismon to be his loyal servant. His power is much higher than the true Magnamon unless he goes through X Digivolution. He will follow all commands without question. His anger can easily take over him in a battle, and killing and destroying is what he does best. He creates wastelands wherever he goes, and may lose control over his mind at times. When that happens, he goes on a rampage, attacking friend or foe.

He embodies Digi-Egg the Digi-Egg of Disasters. It has been within him since his creation and is the exact opposite of the Digi-Egg of Miracles.

Once Myotismon had battled with Magnamon, Magnamon retreated and feared for his life, but he only left since he had a bit of data from Magnamon from one of his attacks. He went to his mansion and used his dark powers with data from DarkTyrannomon, SkullGreymon, Devidramon, Neodevimon, Bakemon, and Ghoulmon, all combined to the data he obtained from Magnamon, gave birth to DarkMagnamon. He was unconscious afterwards, but once he had awakened, he had little control over his powers. He knew Myotismon created him and always called him either Lord Myotismon or Master. Since he had to master his powers, Myotismon gave him tasks and missions and DarkMagnamon followed every mission without question, destroying innocent Digimon, burning towns, and once he had total control of his powers, asked Myotismon for a challenge. Myotismon sent him to the royal knight Magnamon to battle. It was a long tiresome battle, much land was destroyed and many Digimon were killed in the crossfire, but eventually DarkMagnamon chased Magnamon into a trap by the royal knights. All of them surrounded him and got him captured in a special device, since he couldn't be destroyed by the royal knights. Only by the powers of darkness could he be destroyed. The device was kept far away in a temple where no one except the royal knights knew its whereabouts. Myotismon eventually thought he was destroyed by Magnamon and the royal knights, and eventually forgot he even existed.


Magna Dark Bolt: Shoots 2 electrifying bolts of dark power from his arms.

Dark Magna Eruption: A dark sphere erupts from his body.

Dark Magna Blast: A corrupted form of Magnamon's Magna Blast.