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DarkShoutmon X4S
File:DarkShoutmon X4S.png
Type Evil Dual Sword Wielding Composition
Attribute Virus
Prior forms BlackShoutmon + BlackBallistamon + BlackGarurumon + Star Sword + BlackSpadamon
Next forms SuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode (w/ SuperDarkKnightmon + Devimon + SkullMammothmon + Argomon + Apocalymon + Lucemon Shadowlord Mode + Cherubimon (Evil) + Duskmon + BlackDarkdramon + BlackOmnimon + Diaboromon + D-Reaper)

A Digimon who is the evil mode of a Shoutmon X4S who used his new weapon for destruction.

Super Digimon Xros Wars

He was used to Digi-Xros SuperDarkKnightmon to his Ruin Mode.

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