DarkWarGreymon (DigiChrons)
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Prior forms BlackMetalGreymon
Partners Nobody

DarkWarGreymon is a BlackWarGreymon NOT a Dark Version of WarGreymon.


DarkAgumon or BlackAgumon is DarkWarGreymon's Rookie Form.

DarkGreymon or BlackGreymon is DarkWarGreymon's Champion Form.

DarkMetalGreymon or BlackMetalGreymon is DarkWarGreymon's Ultimate Form.


  • Terra Destroyer
  • Dramon Destroyer
  • Black Tornado


  • He is not supposed to be called BlackWarGreymon so don't fix the name.
  • His Full Name is DarkBlackWarGreymon so as the other forms like DarkBlackGreymon.

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