Dark DigiDestined
Appears in:Digimon Mighty Squadron 02


Character Digimon
Terry MasterTyrannomon
Sam SkullMammothmon
Nathan Monochromon
Cassie SaberLeomon
Megan Ornismon


Before they become the Dark DigiDestined, Terry, Sam, Nathan, Cassie, & Megan are the newest bullies of Tokyo Junior High. As they run into Alex, Nicky, & Spencer, the DigiDestined are warned of their newest threats. The bullies think Tokyo belongs to them, & that is the special reason that Tactimon chooses them to be his Dark DigiDestined. They meet up with Taylor, Maggie, Nicky, & Spencer at the beach. Before they can fight each other, Tactimon beams the bullies to the Otherdimension.

Soon after the Green DigiCrystal is filled, the gang finally become the Dark DigiDestined, each with their own individual Digimon. The DigiDestined try to tell them the truth about what Tactimon will do, but the Dark DigiDestined don't listen.

After Alex & Coredramon destroy the crystal, their powers are gone & so are Digimon. When they transport back to Tokyo they make peace with the DigiDestined & become their friends.

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