Level Mega
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Data
Family Dragons Roar
Prior forms dinorexmon[1]
wargreymon X

Daspletomon A Dinosaur Digimon who digivolves from dinorexmon, he resembles a Daspletosaurus, he is an archenemy of Spinomon. He looks powerful wit his green body with blue stripes. His hands covered with armor to protect him. This Digimon is the super ultimate digimon who is included in the Warriors of Flame.


  • Dino Blaze: Shoots out 5 green fire beems from his mouth.
  • Armour Crash: He runs to his foe smacks the enemy wit his hands.
  • LightNing Javelin: Shoot a beam of thunder.
  • Inferno:
  • Leaf Tornado:
  • Fusion Thunder:
  • Fusion Flame:
  • Fusion Ice:

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