Level Ultimate
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Daffylamon
Next forms Daffmon

Dasquilamon is a Holy Dragon Digimon whose name comes from dasu, which means "to take out" quickly and la. Majestic and proud dragon, spending time lounging. Dasquilamon by itself shows a circle Uroboros[1].Supervises the cycle of rebirth. He moves very quietly, often it does not even know if you literally breathing down the neck. It also governs mental powers, which are part of its attacks. This does not fight the Digimon to destroy the enemy, but so that prevented him from fighting. Those who can not fight well no harm. Legend says that it appears only in an extraordinary moment and still more all the time somewhere in the background, which overlook everything. It is said that before the Four Great Dragons they belonged. However, it is far too mild in nature than with them to understand some things. Since then, nobody knows where it dwells. However, recently rumored that Digimon on the island Ryuukiba, worship of great dragon of the corresponding description.


Léčebný roh and Nevidelné křídlo as Daffymon.

  • Uklidňující spánek: The technique, which dominated some Daffymon. For Dasquilamon still works perfectly. How you can double act, either reassure you that you like lambs, or you fall asleep. Daffymon if he uses it knows what's in it will be. Dasquilamon contrary, according to the situation knows exactly how the technique used to have exactly the desired effect.
  • Telepatické vyhledávání: Means "Telepathic Search". Its, puts down the search. Its can find anything. Whether its. is. Very useful if you or someone you lost. Seam prohédne think every inch of land or sea, or.

Both techniques are used on the astral level, so you do not know if you use something or not.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Anton-Dragonpride
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