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Day of the Digi is the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers and the Digi-Rangers series. The next episode is Soar Digi-Rangers!


Two astronauts walk onto what appears to be a second moon. They find a space dumpster and open it, releasing WaruMonzaemon, Stingmon, FlaWizarmon, Wisemon and leader Lilithmon.

Meanwhile on Earth we are introduced to our main human characters, Daniel "Dan" Parks, Trini Kat, Jason Rider, Bradley Gonzales and Kimberly "Sonia" Thompson.

Then an earthquake begins to occur, and at the Digi-Center the great Digimon Seraphimon tells Kokuwamon to get "5 teenagers with attitude". Kokuwamon then pulls out five the DigiMemories and he sends them out, they form in the hands of Dan, Trini, Jason, Bradley and Sonia and then they are teleport to the Digi-Center.

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