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Day of the Dumpster
(Aku Ririsumon wa esukēpu! Atarashii eiyū no apurōchi!)
"The Evil Lilithmon Escapes! New Heroes Approach!"

Day of the Dumpster is the very first episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


A space shuttle makes a trip to moon, where the astronauts find a "dumpster" that they foolishly open, releasing the Digimon MadLeomon, Grumblemon, Etemon, Wisemon, & their master, sorceress Lilithmon. At the Tokyo Youth Center, five youths, Taylor, Spencer, Nicky, Carly, & Maggie, are practicing their gymnastics & martial arts skills. Two jerks, Brick & Stick, walk in & hit on Maggie & Carly, who flip them. Brick & Stick later look foolish in Taylor's karate class.

An earthquake starts, & Taylor, Spencer, Nicky, Carly, & Maggie are teleported to the Command Center of Seraphimon, a being trapped in a time vortex. He tells them that they are needed to save the world. He gives them their digivices & explain how they have powers & gear related to the ancient spirits of dinosaurs. But they are skeptical & leave.

As they walk through the mountains, they are ambushed by Lilithmon's goons, the Claymon. The fight goes badly, &, in desperation, they use the digivices to summon their Digimon. They are immediately teleported to a rooftop where they confront MadLeomon & more Claymon. Now the DigiDestined easily dispatch them, but Lilithmon uses her staff to enlarge MadLeomon. The DigiDestined make their Digimon digi-grow, & they DigiXros into DinoOmnimon Tank Mode. It then converts to DinoOmnimon Battle Mode, which then summons a Digi-Sword that forces MadLeomon to retreat. Seraphimon lays down the rules for using their powers, & that they must keep their knowledge of Digimon a secret.

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Wisemon's Digimon Analyzer



  • Brick: What's the matter? We're not good enough for you?