Title Deadly force
Type Demon Dragon Beast
Prior forms MetalGreymon (2010 anime) + DeadlyAxemon
Next forms SkullKnightmon Dragon Cavalier Mode (w/SkullKnightmon
Partners Yuu Amano

DeadlyGreymon is a Demon Dragon Beast Digimon whose name is derived from Deadly force. it rages though the digital world searching for tough opponents to fight and destroy. it sees every digimon as it's rival, but it see Imperialdramon Dragon Mode as it's rival the most and will use any trick it can to destroy every Imperialdramon Dragon Mode it can. it's enhanced left claw has use DeadlyAxemon's body to enlarged and gained more power, it's old horn has been replaced with two new horns smaller but more deadly to those one the other side. by using DeadlyAxemon's two front legs to improve it's height and speed on ground to ground combat. those who try to beat it in battle will not last long, it's roar is said to be able to send mega level digimon running like babies.


  • deadly trident:swings it enhanced claw at the ground or at the opponent.
  • deadly rain:fires it's cannons like Giga Destroyer, but does it non stop for 3-5 times
  • mail stinger: Fires an powerful focused blast from the MailBirdramon tail