working on it
Level Rookie
Type Exalted Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Next forms Deagarumon
Partners Andrew Usher

Deagaramon is a small Dragon digimon who shines with holy light. Deagaramon is said to give the powers of rage to those who can use them properly. There is never more than one Deagaramon in existence. Deagaramon also has the ability to take the powers of rage from anyone who might posses them.


  • Inner Fire: Imbues another digimon / human with the powers of rage. It is not necessary to say this attacks name out loud
  • Extinguish Flame: Removes another digimon's / human's powers of rage. It is not necessary to say this attack's name out loud
  • Aurora Nobilis: Creates an aura of light that protects it from all attacks, and drives away the more evil digimon.

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