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Level Human Hybrid
Type Humanoid
Attribute Variable
Prior forms Anyone + Human Spirit of Rage
Next forms BurningGoramon
*(w/ BurningGarumon)
Slide forms BurningGarumon

Deagoramon is the result of a spirit evolution with the Human Spirit of Rage. Deagoramon is a humanoid digimon, resembling AncientGoramon. Deagoramon is arguably the strongest of the digi-destineds' Human Spirit forms, excepting Koichi, but also boasts considerable melee combat skills, rarely needing to call up an attack. Deagoramon has wings, but can fly without using them.[1]


  • Fist of Rage: Yellow-White Flame encircles their fist. Then they punch their opponent, fly back to a safe distance and launch the fire, as a ball of flame, at their opponent.
  • Flame of the Deus: Rises into the air as light spills out of the cracks in their armour. Then launches a giant ball of light towards their opponent. This attack can vary between the elements of Fire or Light for a more effective strike.

Notes and References

  1. None of this is actual fact. Please do not mistake it to be a truth.