Level Ultimate
Type Death Eater
Attribute Death,Dark
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Unknown
Next forms Fan:Gilgamon

As made by Me (tigger626 of Deviant art).

DeathCrawlerMon is a digimon of nightmares, and it lives up to it. Even in its Ultimate form its is deadly to anything that crosses his path. Anger the this digimon and you will know about it. With the strength close to that of a Mega's it rarily needs to digivole further.


DeathCrawlermon is not to be messed with, being what feeds of the data of a dead digimon. Or soul of that digimon, so there is no way in hells chance that very same digimon can be re-digitized again. Its not just digimon it feeds of but anything on the bridge of death, such as a human or animal. It comes from deep in creation, being one of the very first digimon that stepped foot on the digital world. With this it is one of the most feared, and dangerous creatures of the world. Not even the most feared digimon could stand a chance against this digimons mega, so therefore it has its limitation of being bound only to go as high as Ultimate, being as powerful as a mega even in this form. Although in legend there is a book that controls the being, hidden somewhere within a monsetry kept safe by various tamers and there digimon. As in the wrong hands it can be used to control the beast, and kill Billions of Innocent lifes. Currently the digimon is on Reaper duty to eat that who are far from welcome anymore in the digital and human world.


DeathCrawlermon was crated as part of death. Formed even before the D-Reaper, ultimately being the first reaper digimon. Being up-most forgotten, as its victims near survive and tell the tell. Even those who gaze upon it do not have long after if they try telling others about it. Its powers are rather unknown. The only things that are known about it are written in the creation books!


  • Soul Eat : Used upon dyeing/dead beings, absorbing/eating and taking the soul/and data.
  • Death Call (Screech of pain): A Frequency call that makes the opponent unwell, and even though they are not makes them feel on there last legs.
  • Curse of Devils : Upon seeing this digimon, it can set a curse upon you. Cursing you to your death, by strange happenings.
  • Shadow Stork : Hides deep with a shadow waiting for the time to strike with his teeth/claws.
  • Final grain (Sandtimer): This is a most powerful attack that is used in dire need, it kills the opponent painfully from the inside slowly. As it takes time to run the sandtimer out. But can be snapped out of consertarion, leaving the opponent 'aged'. As the attack takes years of your life in minutes flat. Although it drains the digimon of its power rending it open, until it can regain its power.