DeathVillainmon is an evil twin-head Dragon Digimon on the Mega Level,the result of an Digivolution of KingVillainmon.This Digimon is a flying personification of death full of dark energy - it loves to steal expensive things like gold and silver and kill other Digimons without any reason.Furthermore it is said DeathVillainmon kills its victim after it only has seen into its awful red eyes.All in all the Digimon is one of the most dangerous flying fighters in the whole Digiworld.DeathVillainmon is also well known because it smells like death,so if any dDgimon is crossing the district of an DeathVillainmon and smells the polluted air,this Digimon knows it is in big danger.Often DeathVillainmon kills those Digimon,so it is a symbol of pain and fear.Like KingVillainmon,it has got two tails.


Twin-Head Dragon Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:KingVillainmon

Created by:Seraphimon222


Double twin-wings strike:DeathVillainmon strikes its victim with its four wings twice.

Ultimate poison fire breath:Both heads of DeathVillainmon breathe smoky,poisonous,purple fire.

Laser Eye:Laser attack out off DeathVillainmon's four red eyes.

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