Title Goddess of Duality
Level Ultimate (Mega)
Type Archangel
Attribute Free
Family Wind Guardians
Virus Busters
Prior forms Charitymon
Partners Mori Kasumi
Tobias Ryder
Crimson Blaze Army

Deitymon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Archangels and the Norse goddess Hel. In a miraculous evolution combining the Ancient Powers of Love, Miracles, and Fate, a Charitymon Chaos Warp Evolved to this form, becoming the archetype of "The Oracle."

Deitymon resembles a beautiful archangel woman with heavy armor with colors that alternate between black and white - left fore arm: white; upper left arm: black; left breast: white; right breast: black; right upper arm: white; right fore arm: black; so on and so forth. It has ten angelic wings, five being white and and five being black, that similarly alternate colors. It has incredibly long hair that constantly shifts between the colors of blonde, brown and black. It wields the legendary twin sided scythe Hræsvelgr, which it can split into separate scythes at whim.

It acts as a foil to Lucemon as both have both divine and dark powers, but where as Lucemon seeks to destroy the world and create and new one, Deitymon seeks to protect this world and mend it. Deitymon is kind and gentle to the benevolent, be they weak or strong, and it acts as a motherly figure to them. This is contradicted by its unbridled hatred in its heart for the malevolent, who it will ruthlessly destroy at all cost. Like Skyborn Kaomon, the Ancient Powers have become part of its soul making it impossible for Deitymon to be evil, so it will always take the side of the most benevolent, even if it seem contradictory to do so.

Deitymon has many strange powers, but its most notable is its ability to combine the powers of Light and Darkness into a single force, creating a runic seal of from that power, and launching that seal at foes, obliterating them in a flash of violet light (Seal of Black Light).


  • Seal of Black Light: Deitymon combines the power of Light and Darkness into Black Light. After creating a powerful seal with that energy, it launches it at evil-doers.
  • Duality-Mode: Deitymon splits its own soul in half, becoming two separate entities; the Vengeful Form is a being of shadow flame created from its black wings and armor and attacks with offensive powers and spells of the Darkness element, where as its Merciful Form is a being of holy flame created from its white armor and wings that uses defensive and healing spells.
  • Spirit Blaze: Deitymon summons a pentagram seal, and from its five points, unleashes white, red, green, blue, and yellow flames imbued with the elements of Light, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air respectively.
  • Final Reaping: Deitymon imbues Hræsvelgr with magic, and charges the foe at light-speed, decapitating them.