Type Dragon Man
Prior forms Souldramon
Partners Kaito Uriamuzu

DeltaSouldramon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Δ Souldramon". DeltaSouldramon acts as a reaper of the digital world, it collects DigiCores from digimon, instead of Data Packets. However only the digimon of those who he deems evil or corrupt. It gained the power to Digivolve through training with UlforceVeedramon and found a new source of power.


  • Kurakami(暗神 Dark God): Attacks with punches filled with dark energy.
  • Death-Fire Bending: Creates a wall of green flames to protect itself.
  • Death-Fire Ruster: Shoots blasts from the bio-cannon attached to it's arm which also temporarily paralyzes the target.