Deltamons name derives from the greek letter shaped like a triangle, and whose design derives from Omnimon.


Deltamon has a more human appearance due to appearing from a Bio-merge digivolution with PC, unlike WarCyamon Deltamon is completely coverd with Silver Digizoid but still has some Cyan colored plates on his chest and instead of having MetalGarurumon/WargGeymons heads for hands he has WarGreymon X's Dramon Killers.

Digimon Ultimate

Deltamon appears for a limited time after Cthulhumon is able to digivolve again and digivolves to Cthulhumon Ultimate Mode but Deltamon easily defeats him.


The first time is when CyanAgumon held enough data to destroy the Digital World along with himself PC then ordered him to focus all of the daa except his own into his Cyan Shield attack he succesfully does it and once the Cyan Shield was dropped with PC in it CyanAgumon becomes a massively bright light then a cyan figure stood out of the light and the light circles around the figure and was appearing to be Deltamons cape and when Deltamon moves it out of the way it was revealed PC and CyanAgumon Bio-merged.

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