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Level In-Training
Type Slime
Attribute None
Family Deep Savers, Nature Spirits
Size 10.0G
Prior forms Pichimon
Next forms Betamon
Partners Matthew Hughes

DemiBetamon is an In-Training level Digimon whose design is derived from a tadpole and Betamon, the name DemiBetamon means Small-Betamon or Baby-Betamon. DemiBetamon have large mouths that open very wide like Tokomon but DemiBetamon have no teeth. They use this feature to create a vacuum by opening their mouths quickly in order to catch more food. This timid In-Training level Digimon is quick to run and hide in the dense seaweeds but if cornered will let out a flurry of slightly charged electrified bubbles.

BetaBeta Digivice:

DemiBetamon appears as the only In-Training level Digimon in this fan-made Vpet app. DemiBetamon is shown to hatch automatically as an In-Training level Digimon. Hatches after incubating for 65min and his Fresh form in the Status screen is shown to be Pichimon, He Digivolves to Betamon after 48hrs. Sleeps from 8pm-8am. stomach max.Capacity=4. Stamina max=4. VS-Energy=0. (game currently under development at this time, but will be released very soon.)


  • Electro-Bubble: Sprays bubbles everywhere that contain a weak electrical charge, they are not strong enough to cause true harm but can cover up an escape.
  • Suction Wave: Opens his mouth extremely wide very quickly causing a vacuum, usually used to gather up large clouds of Plankton or Krill.

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