Level Fresh
Next forms Hakitomon
Partners Brittani

DemiHakitomon is a Fresh level fox pup digimon whose name and design are derived from "Demi Hakitomon." Like most Fresh digimon, DemiHakitomon doesn't have legs. Instead, it bounces around to travel. Its body is covered in soft brown fur and it has pointy, alert ears that enable superb hearing. There is a stripe of blue fur on its forehead, a trait that all of its digivolutions share. DemiHakitomon shares a special relationship with DemiDarakitomon.

First Appearance

During a fierce battle against BlackVeggiemon, Haku had armor digivolved to Hakulillymon. He, Greybeemon, and all the villagers fought against BlackVeggiemon. Suddenly BlackVeggiemon got the advantage over Haku, but Brittani stepped in his path to protect her partner. When she was attacked, Haku became enraged and his body caught fire. He easily defeated BlackVeggiemon on his own, but his own fire damaged his body because he had armor digivolved through the Digi-Egg of Sincerity and was a plant type digimon at the time. He returned to his Rookie form and immediately passed out. When Brittani took him back to the Real World, Haku degenerated to his Fresh form instead of his In-Training form. Haku returns to this form after battling as an Ultimate or after DNA digivolving.


Bubbles- spits harmless bubbles at the opponent