Demityramon is a small Digimon,neutral from battles. S e will soon learn,however sides must always be taken...

===Fan:The Origin Digidestined=== DemiTyramon(or Reik as Zack calls him) Virus Busters is a prototype digimon given to Zack by MetaDevimon when his [[Gabumon]] gets deleted. Zack at first shuns this digimon until he realises it has Gabumon's memories.He instantly apologizes. This was not enough however and the negativity results in a digivolution to DarkTyrannomon

This is not permanent and soon shelearns to digivolve to Tyrannomon,[[MasterTyrannomon]] and BlasTyrannomon.

DemiTyramon is jealous of Kari. Zack and Kari's feelings for each other make her "Exlode inside".

In the epilogue howevwer ,when she hears Zack and Kari are getting married ,she smiles and says

"If you're happy than I'm happy."

Digivolves from:Koromon Digivolves to:[[DarkTyrannomon]]/[[Tyrannomon]] [[Fan:BlasTyrannomon]](warp overpower).

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