(??? DarkMamon)
Title Crocodile Witch
Level Ultimate
Type Witch
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Dark Area
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Miadreamon
Next forms Arclimon

Demilimon is a witch Digimon who reveals the true nature of Miadreamon and Arclimon. Having a more monstrous look compared to it's Champion and Mega Stage, Demilimon makes it more known that she is a monster of a being rather a lustful humanoid like Miadreamon tries to be around people. Her tail is very powerful and designed to knock victims over with ease. Like Arclimon, she is immune to physical harm from a special barrier, but only from Digimon of equal level or lower, meaning she is more vulnerable than Arclimon is.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Demilimon is faced as a boss if her line is faced second or third around the beginning of the game when you face the boss quartet. Her location, however, is different from that of Arclimon and Miadreamon, who both occupy the same area. She instead lives in the more marshy environments and is faced there instead of her little palace of a mansion as her Champion and Mega Stages. She digivolves from Miadreamon at Level 70 with 4,000 Dragon Exp and into Arclimon at Level 90 and having been traded between versions at least once.