Level Rookie
Attribute Virus
Family Wind Guardians
Prior forms Poromon
Next forms Tempestmon

Demitempestmon is the rookie form of Tempestmon. It is a very shy digimon, that slightly resembles Hawkmon. It is small, and has silver-colored feathers, which suggest it is from a royal line. Demitempestmon's feathers are as hard as steel, which are of great use to a rookie. It is a very lonely Digimon, treated like a monster because of it being unknown by most other digimon. If it ever meets a creature in need it will not hesitate to help, despite the danger. In this way it differs from its champion form Tempestmon. No one is quite sure why this change in character occurs after Demitempestmons Digivolution.


  • Silver Wing: Shoots feathers from its wings which are as sharp as knives and is capable of hurting even a champion level.
  • Silver Reflection: Makes its feathers ten times brighter in order to temporarily blind its enemy and escape.