Demon Lord Xros Wars


Demon Lord Xros Wars is a fan-fiction story involving the Seven Great Demon Lords and the abillity of Xros. The story takes place when all animal and human life is ended on Earth and at the same time the digital world is destroyed and all digimon and sent to the now-empty planet Earth due to a war that happened between the Seven Great Demon Lords and the Celestial Digimon. This war eventually led to the deaths of all of the demons lords, along with the human race and all animal species, and the digital world was destroyed. Now life goes on for the digimon on earth until Seraphimon discovers that the seven demons lords are still alive in the form of essences that are scattered throughout earth and looking for somebody as sinful as they were to possess and become a new demon lord.


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Robert is the main protagonist of Demon Lord Xros Wars. Robert is a young american boy who was only five when all human life was killed. Robert was alone for a short while not knowing what to do until a Jijimon and Babamon found him and took him in as there son. He was raised as a digimon and thus thought he himself was a digimon.