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DenKanjimon is a Beast Digimon. DenKanjimon are known for their speed and aggresiveness in battle. A rather intelligent digimon that is very loyal to it's human partner(s). However if a full moon is out he has a darker side that is nothing to laugh about. Some people believe he has a virus in him that is undectable and that is why it shows this different side. This theory is supported by his corrupted ultimate form Akatsukikibamon (Berserk Mode). However other's believe that he was made by the data of what is supposedly the best werewolf movie ever. However this seems unlikely because his powers are strictly lightning based. So his origins and powers are unknown.

Digimon Academy

Main Article: DenKanjimon (Digimon Academy)

Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Type: Wolf Pup Digimon
Digivolves From: Zapkibamon
Digivolves To: Gearkanjimon
Appears In: Fan: Digimon Academy
Partners: Fan: Jay

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