Den Rockload
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Minami Takayama
(En:) Jason Spisak
Mona Marshall(young)
Digivice(s):Red and blue Power Link Digivice
Blue and red Power Link Digivice
Age 15
Grade 12
Gender Male
Known relatives Jon Rockload (Father)
Nana Rockload (Mother/Deceased)
Tina Rockload (Older twin sister)
Max Rockload (Older twin brother)
Brent Rockload (Grandfather)
Anita Kachiki-Rockload (Stepmother)
Bianca Rockload (Aunt)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation High School Student

Den Rockload is the protagonist of the Digimon Re-Digitize Wars series.


Den has the appearance of an average teenage boy, with blue eyes, short spiky brown hair, and lightly tanned skin. He wears either a short-sleeved blue shirt underneath the red vest, a long blue denim pants, a black belt, white socks, and red shoes. He usually wears red goggles with blue lenses atop his head.



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