Prior forms MetaDracmon Fighter Mode + Omnimon Zwart
Next forms DesMetaDracmon Volume (w/ DarkVolumon)

DesMetaDracmon is a DigiXros between MetaDracmon Fighter Mode and Omnimon Zwart.


  • Zwart Saber: Strikes fiercely with the Zwart Saber which tears apart his opponent's data. The Saber may contain data of human negative emotions for an extra ability which can absorb the opponent's configuration data to increases its power.
  • Zwart Magnum: Focuses the negative human emotions in the Saber into a high-powered energy blast or slash that obliterates the enemy within seconds.
  • Death Knight Crusade
  • Nosferatu Kaiser: A strengthened version of AxeMetaDracmon's "Dark Noble's Charm" technique.
  • Des Shrapnel Roar: A strengthened version of MetaDracmon Fighter Mode's "Shrapnel Roar" technique.

DesMetaDracmon Volume

DesMetaDracmon Volume
Title Sky Phantom
Type Android
Prior forms DesMetaDracmon + DarkVolumon
MetaDracmon Figher Mode + Omnimon Zwart + DarkVolumon

DesMetaDracmon Volume is a DigiXros between DesMetaDracmon and DarkVolumon.


  • Zwart Noize
  • Death Knight Tuning