Title Genetic Transition
Level Mega
Type Genetic Penultimate
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Prior forms Aliedramon
Next forms Biodramon

Desdramon is the final stage right before Biodramon's resurrection is complete, as Desdramon is the immediate prior form to Biodramon itself. However, the results have prove completely disastrous. The researchers were unaware of what exactly Biodramon used to be known as, because by now nearly every weapon, even Anti-Dramon weaponry, has virtually no effect against it's hide, which is a mix of both it's future form as Biodramon and it's former shed shell as Aliedramon. However, nobody knows exactly what Biodramon looks like, and in a world where Super Ultimates are incredibly rare, everybody who sights the escaped creation believes it IS Biodramon. The truth is, however, that they haven't seen anything yet...