Title Dragon God
Level Ultra
Type Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits

Dragon's Roar

Prior forms Dorugoramon + Samudramon
Next forms Fan:Alphadestromon(with Fan:Alphaleomon)
Destrogreymon is the ultimate incarnation of the greymon species. It is said to be a god of dragons that commands every other dragon digimon. Even the power of mega level digimon pales in comparison to this ultra level monster. It weilds the twin Draxitim swords that hold the souls of a thousand dragon slayers that failed to kill Destrogreymon. Similar to Wargreymon, Destrogreymon is a dramon destroyer. Since his blades hold the souls of a thousand dragon slayers it only takes one attack to defeat even some Ultra level dragon digimon.


DORU Burst : Releases an enormous shockwave from its twin swords

Dramon Slicer : Attacks with its twin Draxitim swords

Grey Light Cannon : Fires beams of energy from its twin swords