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(Kuchikumon 駆逐モン)
Level Mega
Type Virtual Pet
Attribute Unknown
Family Dragon Roar
Prior forms Ultra Charizard
Next forms Destroyermon Core
Partners Hero main character

Destroyermon is was Mega level, but it not infected virus.It only Vaccine, Data and Virus are not known.This digimon are Ultra Charizard get holding rare Red Diamond and digivolve into Destroyermon.It was fused the dead Kimeramon and digivolve himself into Destroyermon Core and infected by Vaccine.After destroying Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, It turn back into Charizmon.It digivolve again Destroyermon and battle against DForceVeedramon and delete DForceVeedramon, but absorbing by Destroyermon and infected by Data and digivolve himself into Destroyermon Core again.It was turned back into Firedramon.It digivolve once Destroyermon battling ChaosSeadramon and delete, but Destroyermon absorb ChaoSeadramon data and digivolve on anger Destroyermon Destroyer Mode.After delete Destroyermon, Destroyermon was reborn and apologzie.


It was Charizard-like ExoGrimmon and color orange.This unknown digimon are great dangerous and gracefully to help protect the Digital World.


Fire Burst: Fire Elemental Lava Dome: Fire Elemental

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