Level Stanbard Omega (my own level)
Type Cyborg
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Dark Guardians
Prior forms Millenniummon + MetalGarurumon + Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Next forms God * (w/o all other digimon (creature)s ) (sacrificing himself to call " The God")
Slide forms Kimeramon
Partners chaosGallantmon

This Digimon is wery powerfull Omega level digimon. Hi is created by Alternate-Timeline Sam Ichijouji(Ichijouji Osamu). The destructionmon is alternate version of Kimeramon but destructionmon is just stronger. In this Alternate-Timeline Ken Ichijouji´s father was kill´d by a Digital world and ken and sam planned: how they can revenge for Digimon emperor. And then they begin the creating of destructionmon. Ken and Sam makes a trip for digital world and they hunt´d [ChaosGallantmon]] to be partner of destructionmon.

In Digimon World D:EMIT. edition

In D:EMIT. edition of Digimon World all in this digimon is same expect: this digimon have a slide evolution : Kimeramon.