Devilmon is the super ultimate form of Devimon. When this digimon finds wild digimon the digimon is permanently deleted and can't come back as a digi egg. Devilmon gains all the skills and abilities of the digimon it deletes after it's defeated. Devilmon special attack is The Ultimate Demonic Blast which destroys all enemy digimon in a single blast of demonic power. If Devilmon meets any digimon that are like Angemon and Angewomon it will automatically destroy them. No digimon have ever lived through on onslaught by this digimon to tell about it. It is rumored that Devilmon Is Apocallymon and out to seek revenge on the people who managed to destroy him. Devilmon will stop at nothing to get what it wants. This digimon is a cruel, ruthless and actually heartless creature driven by revenge and hatred for the the digidestened who destroyed his original apocalymon body and sealed him in the dark arena with the demon lords. In the Dark Arena he was granted limitless power and became the 8th demon lord digimon the only super ultimate digimon in the group. Only all the powers of good Super Ultimates combined can destroy Devilmon

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