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Devimon t

For the Devimon from Digimon Adventure, please see Devimon (Adventure).

Devimon is the principal antagonist during the first season of Digimon: Forever.


Devimon is a bipedal mammalian-bat Digimon, and is black in colour, with blood-red eyes. He is thought to have originally been an Angemon, but he became evil after being corrupted by Lillithmon. He weighs approximately 163 lbs.


Devimon makes doesn't make his first appearance until mid-Season 1, after previously appearing only as shadows. Afterward, his one goal in mind is to destroy the new team of Digidestined, so as to take control of the Digital and real worlds.

In the Digital World, Devimon appears to work with limited support from other Digimon. However, his most insidious move was to send his main army through the Digital Gate into the real world.


  • Touch of Evil






Myotismon is dressed elegantly as a gentleman. His look and mannerisms are styled after vampires, and the name Myotismon is derived from Myotis, a genus of bats. His Japanese name is Vamdemon, which is a combination of the words Vampire and Demon. His cloak is formed during Digivolution from Devimon's wings.

Devimon takes this form during his attack on File City Flower Power after the Digidestined (with the exception of Rosie, Alicia, and Lucas) mount a combined assault.


  • Grisly Wing
  • Crimson Lightning
  • Darkness Claw



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