Diaboromon Virus Mode
Level Super-Ultimate
Type Electric
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Diaboromon
Diaboromon + GrandLocomon
Diaboromon + MaloMyotismon

Diaboromon Virus Mode

When the final data transferal was complete, GrandLocomon Bioemerged from the Virus Dimension and turned the Digital World into the Virus Dimension and then Digivolved into Diaboromon Virus Mode.

Diaboromon VM is a huge red circle that makes even the biggest Digimon look tiny and has millions of tentacles. At the top of the tentacles are different portals to remaining parts of the Digital World where Kuramon produced by the tentacles drain the data.


To stop Diaboromon VM, Agumon had to digivolve into the Elemental Greymons to stop the tentacles while the other Digimon, in thier Fresh forms, were trapped inside the red circle. They eventually turned into thier override forms, where they kept Diaboromon VM alive and invincible. Once most of the tentacles had gone, they were revived and Warp-Digivolved to thier Rookie Forms to defeat Diaboromon from the inside.


  • Trojan Kuramon (Jap: Kuramon Summon): Produces Kuramon to destroy the Digital World.
  • Y2KANNON (Jap: Virus Ray): Blasts a huge cannon/ray to elimenate anyone unwanted.
  • Spam Overload (Jap: Spam Sender): Sends spam to foes to clog thier brain and destroy them.
  • Pop-up Blocker (Jap: Pop-Up Shield): Generates a Pop-Up to protect itself.