Dianamon "Usagi"
Dianamon DC
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance TBA

Dianamon is perhaps the kindest of the Golden Guardians, even if she has a nasty temper at times. She is the soul mate of Duftmon, and simply wishes for a more romantic moment with him at least once. However, the way Duftmon treats her with the most respect at least keeps her calm towards him. However, his concern for Cannondramon is insulting to her, since she is not one to support the Dinosaur or Dragon Digimon such as him, especially when you consider how Cannondramon joined their forces. To say Duftmon has his priorities wrong is one thing, Dianamon is equally so since she's more concerned with her lover than she is about destroying the protagonists. However, she is much more willing to carry out plans than Duftmon is if they go too far. However, if Duftmon does indeed have a point with specific plans, to say she won't also go along with Duftmon's plan to go behind everyone's backs to stop the plan in question as well. Dianamon is very much focused on romance with her emotions, being a shipper on deck for Taro and Tenka, much to both of their embarrassments..... Until Dianamon makes it more embarrassing when she discovers she has an attack that forces them both to admit their feelings, which results in unintentionally causing so many crack pairings that it forces Cannondramon back into a heroic role just to return everybody back to normal, after which Azulongmon removes the power from Dianamon's abilities.


  • Her being a couple with Duftmon was an improvised design decision the moment Dianamon would be the representative of the Olypmus Twelve in the Golden Guardians.
  • Her powers mentioned at the last part of the bio above is part of a special chapter of Digimon Classic which is a rip-off homage to Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo Special Episode, in which Dianamon takes on the unintentional role of the main antagonist, and an unlikely hero (Cannondramon) has to fix everybody's brainwashed states. Nobody remembers the events after they're back to normal, the only results being Dianamon now respecting Cannondramon, and Taro and Tenka being more of a couple than they were beforehand (Which prior to this was just ship tease).
  • Like several of her allies, she has a nickname as well, known as either "Usagi" or "Serena", which is a reference to Sailor Moon's title character. Likewise, due to this nickname, Duftmon is sometimes nicknamed "Mamoru" or "Darien", who is Usagi's lover.

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