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Normal Digi-Armor

In MMDR, MMDH and MMDN that allow the Digi-Rangers to summon armor around them, that allows them to fight and keeps their identity a secret.


To activate the Armor, the Digi-Rangers must insert their Crests into it, and then slam the part with the Crest and it allows their armor to be summoned.

When Dan gained the Battlizer, he gains a slight upgrade. It gains some of his Digivice color.

When Digi-Rangers are under Lilithmon's control, she summons the Digi-Armor, around them.

When the Digi-Rangers got the power of the Zeo Diamond, the Digi-Armor becomes obsolete.


Adam reappears, and so does his old Digi-Armor, when he and his predecessor Carlos are attacked, Adam becomes the Black Ranger again.


Adam reappears in "Once A Ranger", with his Armor repaired.


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