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Super Xros Wars


Shoutmon created the Digi-Eggs a source of ultimate power, and to only be used in an extreme emergency. When Angelmon sealed Patamon and Gatomon away they were put into the Digi-Eggs.


When Ian, Maria and CeCe were sent into the Digital World, they found the Digi-Eggs in 3 different Zones.


The Digi-Eggs were found only by Blue Xros Heart.


  • Pegasusmon: "Flying Hope"
  • Nefertimon: "The Angel of Light"
  • Halsemon: "The Wings of Love"
  • Shadramon: "Flaming Courage"
  • Samuraimon: "Burning Sincerity"
  • Butterflymon: "Stinging Knowledge"
  • Confidentmon: "Shining Loyalty"

Vs. The Digital Knights

Digital Knights

The Digital Knight all have the power to Armor Digivolve using Dark Digi-Eggs

Blue Xros Heart

  • Patamon, Gatomon and Flamemon still have the power to Armor Digivolve.

Digi-Egg gallery

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