Digi-Mutants is the fifty-ninth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Alex is late to Miss Kinta's class. There, an assignment is given - ask a friend to point out your flaw & try to fix it.

Lilithmon decides to use the Badges of Darkness to create her own evil DigiDestined from Claymon.

Alex is sparring with Taylor at the Youth Center. Afterwards, Alex explains the homework. He forgot his water & a towel, so he asks Taylor for a sip of his water & if he has an extra towel. Taylor tells Alex that his flaw is forgetfulness. Carly & Maggie confirm Taylor's assessment to Alex. Brick & Stick don't believe they have faults, but the girls & Alex say that they're bullies.

MadLeomon is training six Claymon, but one of them is too clumsy & is sent back to Wisemon's lab. The remaining set are given their own digivices. The mutant versions of Alex & Maggie are sent to attack Alex & Maggie in the park. Both are bested by their evil counterparts. Seraphimon informs his team of the new menace.

Nicky & the gang help Alex with his assignment. It doesn't seem to work very well as Nicky's planner device malfunctions & Alex seems even more forgetful. The appearance of Ebidramon, the Taylor equivalent of the Mutant DigiDestined, causes Seraphimon to send the five main DigiDestined into action.

The two teams meet on the beach. Each DigiDestined fights their evil version. Alex is contacted & he too joins the fight. The DigiDestined go back to the Command Center when the Mutant DigiDestined's own DigiBlaster is too overwhelming. Seraphimon & Kokuwamon give the six upgraded versions of their DigiWeapons.

The DigiDestined's DigiBlaster triumphs momentarily over Ebidramon & his peers. However, Lilithmon makes her Digimon & the mutant versions of Alex, Nicky, & Spencer turn into giants. Ebidramon is hoisted up by his teammates so he's out of the range of both the DinoOmnimon & Coredramon. KingBrachiomon is called forth & he & CoreOmnimon destroys the enemies.

Alex feels like he didn't complete his homework, but Nicky says that a fault can also be what makes someone unique. Brick & Stick come to school dressed in suits & are acting mature. They give Miss Kinta a present, but she tells them to open it for her. It sprays them in Silly String.

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