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(Jaakuna pōshon! Tonosamagekomon gabunomi!)
"Evil Potion! TonosamaGekomon Gulps!"

Digi-Punks is the twelfth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


The group is playing volleyball outdoors when the Claymon appear. Etemon has concocted a potion that he drops in the DigiDestined's drinks while the Claymon act as a diversion. The Claymon disappear. Maggie & Nicky drink the tainted drinks. Feeling the effects, they angrily knock the other drinks off the table before Spencer, Carly, & Taylor can have theirs. Nicky & Maggie snap at them & leave.

Lilithmon orders Wisemon to make her a monster, & ShogunGekomon is chosen. Wisemon refers to the Digimon as large, hungry, & quite mean.

At school the next day, Mag & Nicky show up dressed differently. They blow off their peers, & Nicky threatens Brick while Maggie flirts with Stick. Seraphimon & Kokuwamon teleport the DigiDestined to the Command Center. The two affected DigiDestined are sealed away from the other three. Seraphimon explains what has happened to Nicky & Maggie, & that they need to find a magical Singing Squash to create an antidote. It's a rare root that can only be found in another dimension. A very hungry ShogunGekomon hits Earth so the remaining DigiDestined go to deal with it.

The DigiDestined have trouble with ShogunGekomon especially when they see it is literally always hungry. ShogunGekomon eats Carly & her Digimon Dinotigermon & an image of both of them appears on its belly. Obviously still hungry it goes after Taylor & Spencer. Kokuwamon has to get the Singing Squash on his own. In another dimension, Kokuwamon fends off some Claymon before getting the root.

The Digimon eats Spencer & his Digimon Mammothmon, leaving Taylor to fight the increasingly hungry ShogunGekomon alone. Kokuwamon is able to cure Maggie & Nicky with the antidote. They summon their Digimon & join Taylor. ShogunGekomon's weakness is its throat. Nicky & Maggie cut off the Digimon's antennae. ShogunGekomon then uses its tonuge to ensnare & eat Taylor & his Digimon Tyrannomon & as it chews, Maggie spots its weakpoint. ShogunGekomon then eats Nicky & his Digimon Triceramon & Maggie is pushed aside by Etemon. Growing even hungrier, ShogunGekomon is about to eat Maggie but she shoots ShogunGekomon's throat with arrows & the other four DigiDestined are freed from ShogunGekomon's belly. Maggie then kills ShogunGekomon by shooting an arrow straight into its mouth before it can eat them over again. Etemon runs away & Lilithmon gets yet another headache.

Carly & Maggie are playing volleyball at the Youth Center when Brick & Stick challenge the gang to an impromptu volleyball game at the Youth Center, but end up getting caught in the net together.

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