With the fight between Tactimon over, Pikaro leads the other kids into the mountains of the Jidai Realm.

"These mountains sure are high." Topaz had her new partners, Chibomon and Jyarimon resting on her shoulders.

"Are you sure having two babies out is safe?" Said Akira.

"They can't just spend all their time in a Digivice."

"Yeah, it's cramped in there."

"It adjusts to your size." Gaomon said.

"Well it doesn't feel as fun as going out. Even they say so."

"I swear Kitsune, it's like dealing with more of you." Complained Zero.

"Knock it off back there!"

"My lord, where are we even going?"

"To meet important figures in this realm."

"How important are they?" A thunderstorm was brewing and a monkey-like figure was training near it.

"There's one of them, Gokuwmon."

"Hey, there's someone else there too." A boy was sparring with Gokuwmon.

"He looks familiar..." Topaz went up ahead and noticed that the boy was someone she met before. His name was A-Chang. Both he and his partner noticed Topaz and stopped their match.

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