Digi-aura is the energy in Recon Team that is used to help digivolve a digimon, it is similar to the digisoul in Savers. It is an aura that appear when a Digi-symbol on a hand appears.

Kira Kasai- Orange Dragon Aura

Ichigo Kasai- Red Dragon Aura

Mason Worthington- Blue Beast Aura

Suzaku Takame- Green Beast Aura

Karen Hana- Pink Plant Aura

Miko Ichidou- Yellow Holy Aura

Musha Karasu- Violet Bird Aura

Ryu Seigi- Dark Purple Dragon Aura

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya- Orange Dragon Aura

Yamato Ishida- Blue Beast Aura

Sora Takenouchi- Red Bird Aura

Koshiro Izumi- Purple Insect Aura

Mimi Tachikawa- Green Plant Aura

Joe Kido- Grey Aqua Aura

Takeru Takaishi- Yellow-Green Holy Aura

Hikari Kamiya- Pink Holy Aura

Daisuke Motomiya- Blue Dragon Aura

Yolei Inoue- Red Bird Aura

Cody Hida- Yellow Beast Aura

Ken Ichijoji- Dark Purple Insect Aura

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