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DigiDestined No More is a two-part episode of the second season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.

Part 1

Alex learns his powers are at their very end & that he may only have one fight left. Meanwhile, Tactimon is using a green crystal to siphon off Alex's powers to claim them for himself. He creates Dokunumemon to force Alex into action, so he can claim the last of his powers for his new Dark DigiDestined.

Part 2

Tactimon has used his green crystal with Alex's powers to strip the other DigiDestined's of theirs, seal off the Command Center, & create the Dark DigiDestined. Meanwhile, trapped in the Otherworld, Alex must face Dokunumemon & then MadLeomon. Even without his powers, though, only Alex has the key to restoring everything to normal.

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