DigiDestiny: At the beginning tells the story of the 6 original DigiDestined before Tai & company. They were once mentioned by Gennai after the defeat of Piedmon. 5 DigiDestined were giving special necklaces from birth with special unique traits (Ancestors of the crests in the next generation of DigiDestined) these necklaces also later transported the 5 children to the digital world when it needed them the most. Though the reason why these 5 children were chosen is unknown but in the episode "Kuwagumon's scissors" it briefly shows the history of the digital world in the abandoned temple. Telling that a virus had started infecting digimon turning them evil and those only pure innocent children could erase it if they could truly show it. Fanglongmon observed Japan (source of the digital world) and found 6 good children that could help the digital world. On the day that the DigiDestined were transported to Earth the climate of the world was changing drastically. A strong wind ripped the necklaces from the necks from the DigiDestined (this was a plan made by Fanglongmon to transport them) they would follow it to a pond in the outskirts of the town and be transported to the digital world. When they were placed in the digital world they would meet their partners, have to face of with several evil digimon and finally face Lilianamon the cause of the problem that made the digimon evil, but they soon discover it was her Father's and several other dark digimon plan: The 10 Demon Master Digimon (ancestors of the 7 Demon Lords) and sacrifices will be made.

Main Characters

Digimon Partners

Original Digidestined digivice



  • Though Gennai mentioned the original digidestined and a picture was shown these chosen children are a little bit different.
  • The digimon in this Fan fiction belongs to those that created it and not me
  • Digimon does not belong to me
  • Art shown on these pages are not drawn by me but the creators

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